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Propulsive Football, The world’s first ever Football for Men and Women to play the same match.


Propulsive Football is the world’s first ever mixed Football for Men and Women.


Since its reception has been excellent, we are forming the League in England. It’s named the Propulsive Football Kingdom League (PROBALL Kingdom League).


Propulsive Football Kingdom League:

(PROBALL Kingdom League):


We would like to have clubs primarily around London area to begin with playing home and away matches throughout the year. Number of matches is only handful per season. So the clubs should be able to combine with other commitments.


Boys Under 13 years old can also play as women. Therefore, you can form a team even if there are no female players. Definition of men (adult) here is male Over 14 years old.


With the newly created rules, football is safe and competitive at the same time when different categories play together. Importantly, Propulsive Football can give good impact for the better society.


Takuya Nagata, the founder of the Propulsive Football (PROBALL):

“We are delighted to initiate the efforts to establish the League in England, where football mean more than just sports for many people. It is the joy to see Propulsive Football growing in the place where is the home country of my heart.”



Application method:

Please contact at the following email address.


Conditions for the participation:

  • Capability to have 11 players or more.

Team structure:

Field players 10:

Male players (Over 14 years old) 5,

Female players (Females regardless of ages and Males Under 13 years old) 5,

Goalkeeper (Male or Female regardless of ages) 1


  • Capability to arrange the home game pitch.

The pitch sizes can vary between the 11-a-side of children and the 11-a-side of adults. (Artificial turf can be acceptable as well.)


  • For further details, please enquire.




PROBALL (Propulsive Football):

Launched: 2017/07/07

Founder: Takuya Nagata

Tact Nexus Group



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