Introduction Propulsive Football (Official)


(Propulsive Football, Pro Football, Pro Ball)

Characteristics of the sports and social impact:

Female football players who relatively have smaller population need just 5 players to be able to participate in a match by getting mixed with males. Therefore it will create more playing opportunities for female players. With invention of the world’s first competitive mixed football, we will encourage the spirit of both men and women equally participating in the society. Metallic parts (studs, blades, etc.) of boots are prohibited entirely to improve safety. We prohibit the heading that is pointed for potential damage to the health. And players use arms instead for aerial display. Because of safety enhancement, children can also play with peace of mind.

In Addition to “Men & Women”, combinations such as “Adults & Children” or “Healthy & Handicapped” are also possible. Everyone can safely enjoy playing serious matches together. This facilitates interaction and mutual understanding of people beyond boundaries of sexes, generations and various groups.

The name, PROBALL (Propulsive Football):

There are many codes of Football in the world and PROBALL is the Football, which is propels itself as well as the society. The rule allows use of arms above head, therefore you can actually fly higher to reach the ball. We don’t expect this as the final form. With inspiration just like Leonardo da Vinci sketched the propeller for the first time, PROBALL will continue evolving.

PROBALL (Propulsive Football) Identities:

A retro ball at the time the modern football was born is the motif, which makes us expect the beginning of a new football. LL is a leather seam and also the shape of propeller representing propulsive force. ▲ is an image of air hole (Overlap with ‘ALL’ of PROBALL). The meaning of “The BALL for ALL” is put into the design.

Propulsive Football (PROBALL) Logo

Characteristics of competition:

There are many substitutes, which are 10 (5 males and 5 females), and even athletes who retired from other sports can easily demonstrate their abilities in a short playing time.

To replace the left and right positions, utility is required. The ability to be able to play both sides is required for wingers and fullbacks. And the ability of a player to play more than 1 position is advantageous.

Propulsive Football (PROBALL) Pitch main stand view

Match display:

(*Centre-line rule)

The zone press of the whole pitch decreases, and the space increases. That makes dribbling easier. If you beat 5 field players, you can create a one-on-one situation with GK. As the space on the opposite side decreases, long pass that changes the side is expected to decrease.
On the other hand, since GK can only play on one channel of the field, the through-pass and diagonal pass to the opposite side becomes effective (For example, if GK is a male, a space can be made on female channel). As GK can only play in the goal area on the other channel, the cover range of the space behind the team’s defence can be limited, so it becomes advantage for the attacking team. When both teams’ GKs are on different channel from each other and GK participates in the field play, a difference in number of people occurs between the female channel and the male channel, so that numerical advantage can be created.
In the FK from the left and right positions, the wall becomes small because the wall is made only by males or by females, and it gives advantage to the attacking team.
Heading is prohibited and the possibility of head collision will be reduced. Instead, by using arms, it creates dynamic performance with high spots. In the aerial performance, the advantage GK has is just being protected from crush and being able to grasp the ball. The reaching point is hand, the same height as the other players, which give greater advantage to attacking team. There is the possibility that manufacturers develop special gloves.
Utilize the point system to promote more positive and attacking match display.

Founder: Takuya Nagata. Amazon Profile

Novel writer, Creator. Traveled to Brazil and trained football at CFZ do Rio (Centro de Futebol Zico Sociedade Esportiva) in Rio de Janeiro. Played soccer for the Urawa Reds (Urawa Red Diamonds), one of the biggest football clubs in Japan, and toured to Europe. Retired at young and voyaged alone to England and graduated from UCA, the UK’s university. Established careers as journalist, football coach, consultant, etc. across Europe such as Spain. Knowledgeable in creative and technology fields as well. Launched “MINIЯISM” (minirism), the art movement that contributes to the development of societies and the knowledge hub “The Minimalist.” The founder of “Propulsive Football” (PROBALL), the world’s first ever competitive mixed football facilitating diversity and spirits for equal participation of the society.

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