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PROBALL, the world’s first ever Football for Men and Women to play the same match

This is the sport as well as entertainment, which propels the society and make the world better place


PROBALL, which is the shorter name for the Propulsive Football, has been launched. This is the first ever competitive Football, which both men and women can play together on the same pitch at the same time.

Significant difference is that players are not allowed to play with head, but can use arms in certain situation such as when the ball is above the head. And the Centre-line split the Men’s channel and Women’s channel.

Original ideas of creating new code of Football was generated by Takuya Nagata, the social entrepreneur who also worked as Football writer and coach. He had the passion in playing Football and Rugby as well. He drafted the rules and plans. And after years of consideration, he came to the point of solid belief, and that is when he started the development.


How to participate:

This is the sport everyone can enjoy on the pitch. You can form and / or join the teams. It is free to register and start enjoying the game.


The name, PROBALL (Propulsive Football):

There are many codes of Football in the world and PROBALL is the Football, which propels itself as well as the society. The rule allows use of arms above head, therefore you can actually fly higher to reach the ball. We don’t expect this as the final form. With inspiration just like Leonardo da Vinci sketched the propeller for the first time, PROBALL will continue evolving.


PROBALL (Propulsive Football) Identities:

A retro ball at the time the modern football was born is the motif, which makes us expect the beginning of a new football. LL is a leather seam and also the shape of propeller representing propulsive force. ▲ is an image of air hole (Overlap with ‘ALL’ of PROBALL. The meaning of “The BALL for ALL” is put into the design.


Characteristics of the sports and social impact:

Female football players who relatively have smaller population need just 5 players to be able to participate in a match by getting mixed with males. Therefore it will create more playing opportunities for female players. With invention of the world’s first competitive mixed football, we will encourage the spirit of both men and women equally participating in the society. Metallic parts (studs, blades, etc.) of boots are prohibited entirely to improve safety. We prohibit the heading that is pointed for potential damage to the health. And players use arms instead for aerial display. Because of safety enhancement, children can also play with piece of mind.




Should you have queries and / or requests for media appearance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


PROBALL (Propulsive Football):

Founder: Takuya Nagata

Tact Nexus Group





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