Propulsive Football (PROBALL)

Propulsive Football (PROBALL) Football Games

Propulsive Football is the games specifically designed as the serious mixed football facilitating equality, diversity and inclusion. It is also called PROBALL. There are 2 major differences with Association football, which are use of hands and the Centre-line. There are also some small differences apart from those.

Propulsive Football

Hands instead of Head:

Heading is banned while field players are allowed to hit the ball above head with arms and hands. It reduces the possibility of head collision while dynamism in areal display is enhanced. The highest reaching point by both field players and goalkeepers is hand. Therefore, it gives greater advantage to the attacking team.


Centre-line rule divides the pitch into 2 channels. Players switch the left and right channels in each half, that makes the game look like consisting of 4 quarters. Goalkeeper can only play in the goal area on the other channel. In Addition to “Men & Women”, combinations such as “Adults & Children” or “Healthy & Handicapped” can be played as well.

Footwear safety:

Metallic parts of boots are prohibited while playing with training shoes (with small studs) is also allowed. This increases safety.

Point system:

Teams get 6 points for win in 90 minutes. 2 points for draw with goals in 90 minutes. 1 point for scoreless draw in 90 minutes. 0 point for loss in 90 minutes.

Author: Takuya Nagata. Amazon Profile

Novel writer, Creator. Travelled to Brazil and trained football at CFZ do Rio (Centro de Futebol Zico Sociedade Esportiva) in Rio de Janeiro. Played soccer for the Urawa Reds (Urawa Red Diamonds), one of the biggest football clubs in Japan, and toured Europe. Retired at a young age and voyaged alone to England and graduated from UCA, the UK’s university. Established careers as journalist, football coach, consultant, etc. across Europe such as Spain. Knowledgeable in creative and technology fields as well. Launched “MINIЯISM” (minirism), the art movement that contributes to the development of societies and the knowledge hub “The Minimalist.” The founder of “Propulsive Football” (PROBALL), the world’s first-ever competitive mixed football, facilitating diversity and spirit for equal participation in society. Also writing for “Football Game Sphere.”

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