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Various Football Tabletop Games include such as the following lists.

Football Table Games

Tabletop games based on Association football:

Subbuteo football (Table soccer)

Subbuteo football is a type of the table top games, physically simulating Association football on the table. The name, “Subbuteo” is from “Falco subbuteo”, the neo-Latin scientific name of a bird Eurasian hobby. The rules of subbuteo football are largely based on the actual football on the pitch. It is the replica of Association football and also called “Table soccer”.

Subbuteoworld World – Table Football

Subbuteo | SUBBUTEO TEAM EDITION: Toys & Games

Sports table football

The rules of Sports table football were initially based on Subbuteo football. But later modified and introduced more elements from actual Association football to make the game more competitive. The major difference from Association football is that Sports table football has the shooting zone in front of goals. Goals need to be scored from the shooting zone. The table size is 100cm x 150cm and the surface is made of felt or nylon. Each of 2 players have 11 figures. And players use finger to move the figures and score goals. FISTF (Federation International of Sports Table Football), based in France, is governing the competitions since its establishment in 1992. The WASPA (World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association) was established in 2011, and organises smaller events.

FISTF (Federation International of Sports Table Football)

World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association

Blow football

2 players compete by blowing the air with straw to move a light weighted ball on the table and score to the opponent’s goal. The blow football is popular among children in the UK. It’s not allowed to obstruct the ball or opponent by straw. Winner can be decided by the most goals within the certain period of the time. Alternatively, you can set the specific number of goals before the game starts and the winner is the player who first reach to the set number of goals. Although this is Football Tabletop Game, it requires the large air capacity of the lungs and strong abdominal muscles to keep blowing air.

House of Marbles Blow Football Table Game – Amazon UK

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Table football (Table soccer, Foosball)

In Table football, players shift and rotate the control knobs to pass and shoot the ball. It can be 1 player versus 1 player. Or you may increase the number of players up to the number of the control knobs. There are variety of table types and the game codes. The winners are decided by reaching to the predetermined number of goals, for example, 5, 10 and 11 goals. Similar types of games have been played across Europe since 19th century. Some players acquire very high skills through training and the ball speed is said to go up to 56 kilometers per hour. Table football is often found in pubs, bars and recreation amenities. ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) based in France is the organisation running the events such as ITSF World Championships and ITSF World Cup. Table football is also called as Table soccer and Foosball.

Table Football:

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International Table Soccer Federation: Welcome

Button football

Button football simulates Association football using buttons on the table top. 2 players compete by moving concave buttons or special made disks to advance a ball and score goals. A goalkeeper is represented with rectangular block. The rules are based on Association football. Total number of buttons and block varies, for example 6 and 11 pieces. The standard pitch size is 167cm x 104cm and goals are 12.5cm wide x 5cm tall. The ball used is made of woven felt, and its diameter should be 10mm and the weight to be between 0.1 and 0.3 grams. Practice is essential to improve performance and international competitions are also held.

Penny football (Coin football, Sporting coin, Spoin, Shove ha’penny football)

Penny football is one of the simplest Football Tabletop Games, which require only a table and 3 pieces of coins. 1 of 2 players have 3 coins and flip them start the game. Goalposts are represented by fingers. A coin has to pass through 2 other coins to advance. Shots also need to go between 2 coins. Therefore, planning how to approach to the goal is needed. There is a variation using 4th coin as a goalkeeper.

Paper football (Logic football, Logic soccer)

Paper football doesn’t use any form of ball but play with paper and pen. It is the strategic game, which 2 players draw a line by turn toward 8 directions, forward, backward, sides and diagonals to reach opponent’s goal. You lose when you are out of space to draw line. Paper football is popular among children in the European countries such as Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Germany.

Football board game

There are many varieties of football board games with unique features. Followings are some of the examples.

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Soccer board

Shop Super Soccer Stadium Mega Japanese national soccer team model by Epoch. – Amazon

Lego football

Champions League Final 2018 • Real Madrid vs Liverpool 3-1 • Kiev All Goals Highlights Lego Football

Europa League Final 2017 • Ajax vs Manchester United • goal highlights Lego Football film

Football Pitch 3409 – LEGO Sports – Building Instructions –

Tabletop games based on American football:

Paper football (FIKI football, Finger football, Flick football)

Paper football is a table top game based on American football, and played by 2 people. The game requires only a sheet of paper and table, and very popular among students in the USA. The paper is folded to form a triangle, which is used as a ball. Something similar like foil-wrapped sweet or matchbook can also replace the paper ball. Player flip a ball to advance and has 4 attempts to score a touchdown. Just as the real American football, a touchdown is 6 points. A field goal is worth 3 points. Player may go for the field goal if the chance of making the touchdown seems thin. Player has a chance of earning extra 1 point from field goal after touchdown, or 2 points from two point conversion. There are some variations of the rules. Paper football is also called FIKI football, Finger football and Flick football.

American football board game NFL Game Day Board Game: Toys & Games

Electric football

Electric football is the American football board game employing new electric technology, which allows drive players to where you intend.

Tudor Games: Welcome to the Official Home of Electric Football Tudor Games NFL Electric Football Game: Toys & Games

Tabletop games based on Rugby union:

Subbuteo rugby union

Subbuteo rugby union is a type of the table top games, simulating Rugby union on the table. The name, “Subbuteo” is from “Falco subbuteo”, the neo-Latin scientific name of a bird Eurasian hobby.

Rugby union board game

There are varieties of rugby union board games with unique features. Followings are some of the examples.

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Tabletop games based on Rugby league:

Subbuteo Rugby league

Subbuteo Rugby league is a type of the table top games, simulating rugby league on the table. The name, “Subbuteo” is from “Falco subbuteo”, the neo-Latin scientific name of a bird Eurasian hobby.

Rugby league board game

There are varieties of Rugby league board games with unique features.

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