Euro 2020 co-hosted in 11 countries

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EURO 2020’s plan was to  be co-hosted in 12 countries to celebrate the memorable 60th tournament. However, it was changed to 11 countries after coordination with some of the local administrations didn’t reach agreement due to the coronavirus disaster.

Dublin was deprived of its right to host because the Irish government could not guarantee the European football governing body UEFA’s terms of admission to at least 25% of the stadium’s capacity.

In Spain, the host city was changed to Seville in southern Spain due to the difficulty of admitting spectators in Bilbao, northern part of the country.

Host cities (Venues):

Amsterdam, Netherlands (Johan Cruyff Arena, Capacity: 54,990)

The home of Ajax Amsterdam. It was renamed from “Amsterdam Arena” in honour of legendary player Johan Cruyff. The roof is openable and also has solar panels. It’s connected to the motorway and is an advanced stadium. Used for multiple purposes such as concerts and martial arts.

Baku, Azerbaijan (Baku Olympic Stadium, Capacity: 68,700)

It’s the largest stadium in Azerbaijan, and is the home of the national team. Located on a peninsula overhanging the Caspian Sea.

Bucharest, Romania (Arena Națională, Capacity: 55,600)

The home of the Romanian national team and FCSB. The original stadium was demolished and renewed one opened in 2011.

Budapest, Hungary (Puskás Aréna, Capacity: 67,215)

The home of the Hungarian national team. It bears the name of the legendary captain Ferenc Puskás of the national team. At the same location was the Puskás Ferenc Stadion, a stadium that opened in 1953. It was rebuilt and opened in 2019.

Copenhagen, Denmark (Parken Stadium, Capacity: 38,065)

The home of the Danish national team and FC Copenhagen. It has a retractable roof and is used for multiple purposes such as concerts. There was a stadium before it opened in 1992 as well.

Glasgow, Scotland (Hampden Park, Capacity: 51,866)

The home of the Scotland national team. It has also been the stadium of Queen’s Park FC since 1873. Also used for rugby and concerts.

London, England (Wembley Stadium,Capacity: 90,000)

The home of the England national team. It’s also the stage for the final of the FA Cup, the oldest tournament in the world, and is a sacred ground for football. Opened in 2007 after demolishing an old stadium and undergoing extensive construction work.

Munich, Germany (Allianz Arena, Capacity: 70,000)

The home of Bayern Munich, a leading Bundesliga club. In the past, 1860 Munich also used as their home.

Rome, Italy (Stadio Olimpico, Capacity: 70,634)

The home for AS Roma and SS Lazio of Serie A. Athletics and rugby are also held. It opened in 1932 and was refurbished towards the 1990 Italy World Cup.

Saint Petersburg, Russia (Krestovsky Stadium, Capacity: 68,134)

The home of FC Zenit Saint Petersburg. It opened in 2017 and was also a venue for the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Seville, Spain (La Cartuja, Capacity: 60,000)

The Spain national team often play matches there. Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it became difficult to hold matches in Bilbao, that was originally planned. Thus it was hurriedly changed to Seville.

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